Apr 29, 2005

Immeasurable Steps for Quantum crypto

The Register reports that while there are a few Quantum Crypto vendors shipping goods today, recent developments show that this technology is rapidly emerging, and has the properties of being deployable.

Cost and requirements for dedicated pair-wise fiber links between parties (up to a few dozen kilometers) will impeed broad deployments in areas other than (perhaps) financial services, telecoms industry and the media. This will change, and there are claims for the development of other key distribution transports, which will bolster the adoption curve, and mitigate the distance problem.

With keen interest, I read that Toshiba Research Europe has applied Quantum crypto for protecting streaming video... With new encryption keys for every frame, theft on-the-wire will become exceedingly impractical, too costly relative to the value of the pilfered content.

I watch this with continued admiration of the research community...