Feb 28, 2005

eBay - FleetCenter items in Experiences Finder

OK... i've seen all sort sof odd things, and still personally find the purchase of naming rights of sports stadiums a silly thing, but
auctioning single-day naming rights on eBay? It never ceses to amaze me what i find on eBay!

Feb 16, 2005

ICANN Auctions?

So, when | VeriSign auctions pending delete domains. can i buy this at eBay? It seems i already can! let the market decide to do this, not ICANN.

It assonishes me that there is so many attempts in inflating the revenue's of domain names.

When is a CA not a CA

ICANNWatch | VeriSign and Conflicts of Interest ICANN Wathch posting about Ian Grigg's grips re:Verisign and .net tld vs. NetDiscovery (CALEA compliance service). So, when they need to snoop they act as a bad ca, and when they don't, they act as a 'good' CA (well, maybe not).

This reminds me of the early days of SSL, when VRSN ruled supreme, and there was little confirmation of identity (CSR == Whois). Lame.... still.