Apr 29, 2007

Bewitched flatware

George reported last week the magentic qualities of his flatware. And were it not for the photograph, none of us would have beleived him.

I can now report a second sighting of the unusual phenomena. I, unfortunately, did not have the camera handy, as I was held captive by the tray table, and the flight attendant (4/28 UA951 crew .. if your out there, wonderful job, by the way) whisked away the knife before I could capture the event in silicon (does anyone capture events on 'film' anymore?).

The flatware must have been stored outside the airplane during departure, as it's surface temperature was low enough to bond skin to metal.

Discussions ensued in Brussels, at the IOS confence as to the cause of the magnetic charge, but no consensus could be reached. But it is strangely coincident with the re-emergence of metal knifes on flights.

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