Mar 13, 2006

Google - Panoptically speaking

Stefan Brands has some interesting material covering panoptical systems (tho imprecisely labels Liberty Specification with this moniker). The system I fear the most, is the inevitable Google Authentication service, which Phil Windley reminded me of with his post on the XMPP underbelly of GTalk.

If ever there was ever an enterprise who had the brainpower, software power, and the marketing where-with-all to aggregate all my online activities, process that, and sell as a service to others, Google is that enterprise.

They've not made any announcements, that I am aware of, but Phil is correct in saying that XMPP is underneath, and thus so is authentication services. trouble is, among other things, it looks a little too Passport-ish for my taste, and so you won't see me using it.

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