Jan 23, 2006

Sxip in ... or not

Paul Madsen's post on Sxore got my to waltz on over and read up on what it's up to. What i found was not quite as expected... From 'An Identity 2.0 Company' anyway).

It stared with the irony that Sxore, from the people that brought you Sxip, and Identity2.0, and purveyors of all things good in decentralized identity systems and designs (a Good Thing), ask that you 'create and account' with them, and 'store your account information in the Sxore system'?

Sigh. I thought the days of federation were nearing. I hope I am mistaken, and if i enroll, they ask me to federate to my Homesite (at least) or my openID, LID (or better, YADIS). But the FAQ leaves my less than optimistic.

Better by far... I could federate with the Sxore service to my Identity Provider via SAML2, point to my Liberty People Service for a more seamless experience, for folks i already know, to comment on my blog (which i moderate for the very reason Sxip created Sxore).

I _would_ like to be able to have a reputation system which maps back to this blog (not that it has much of a readership), not the Sxore identity.

Further reading of the Sxore FAQ shows a few more flys in the Identity Ointment:
Since each sxore account can only be associated with a single blog, you might want to have a sxore account for each of your blogs. However, each sxore account requires a unique email address; you must use a different address for each of your sxore accounts.
... so i get to make a plethora of identities, each requiring a unique email address ???
Comments and tags are stored on the sxore comment server, but are displayed on the blog. In a future version of sxore, we intend to provide an API that will allow blog sites to extract their comments and tags from the sxore comment server.
... so the comment thread is the property of who, exactly?? Although they have something with RSS feeds of the comments. something not all Weblog software have.
Can I automatically approve or delete comments from certain people?
+ Yes. When you moderate comments, use the Approve and Whitelist button to automatically approve future comments from the comment author. (The comments are still displayed in your inbox so that you get comment notifications and can post comment responses.) Similarly, use Delete and Blacklist to automatically delete future comments from the comment author.
... this is the perfect use case for the Liberty People Service (and using federated identifiers, eliminating the need for a Sxore account!).

So I urge Sxip and Sxore to become self-interoperable. It's hard enough to get interoperability across multiple specifications and vendors, but at least support your own identity protocols!

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At 1/24/2006 8:21 PM, Anonymous weston said...

We're already building a lot of the things you've mentioned but it's going to take some time ...

At 2/17/2006 12:25 PM, Anonymous weston said...

An update on sxore, we now have the SXIP 2.0 integrated which means members of sxore get a sxip homesite account. This allows users single sign-on for all sxore-enabled blogs, AND any other membersite that supports sxip, not just blogs. If you're a blog author and have multiple blogs, just let us know, we can hook you up to use the same identity. The site supports multiple blogs, it's just not available in the UI yet. That feature will come soon.


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